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Steaming Hot water tap

Hot Water Taps

by The Heat-Tek Team on June 2, 2015 1 comment

Hot water cup

A steaming hot water tap is a must for the kitchen

The InSinkErator, steaming hot and cold water tap is a wonderful stylish finishing addition to any kitchen.

It offers  both hot and cold filtered water from the same tap, the HC1100 steaming hot water tap can produce around 100 cups of up to 98°C steaming hot water every hour, as well as safe, filtered cold drinking water on demand.

The convenience of having instant boiling water on tap is wonderful! Its great for instant cuppa’s…gone are the days of the kettle.

Try it…find out…you’ll never look back.

Get in touch with us here at Heat-Tek to find out more about Steaming Hot Water Taps.

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